Mobile, Global and Nonstop

The struggles are commonplace: companies stretched to the limit from years of cost cutting, competitors gaining ground, and mounting frustration with the time it takes to get things done. Maybe the challenges aren’t new, but their intensity seems to be. To break the logjam organizations are reimagining how they work in order to regain momentum and ramp up productivity. Workplace design has become a key component of those new strategies.

NBS provides workplace design solutions for the five most pressing issues of the day as identified by Steelcase research:

1. Optimizing real estate. Not just shrinking, but rethinking how space functionsNBS_WorkplaceIssues_Ribbon

2. Enhancing collaboration. Interconnected workplaces drive inspiration and innovation

3. Attracting and retaining top talent. Workplace experience can be a make-or-break deal

4. Promoting brand and culture. The workplace is your culture

5. Support employee wellbeing: It’s about far more than ergonomic chairs


The Importance of Research

Groundbreaking research conducted by Steelcase into the evolving ways in which people work is influencing workspace design. Look for the highlights of this research in a quick-read format labeled Insights.

Designed to Support People, the Flow of Information and Collaboration

NBS has worked with a number of organizations to overcome these workplace challenges. We create more productive environments that recognize business is no longer a 9-to-5 activity. Instead it’s increasingly mobile, global and nonstop. A new generation, new workstyles, new technology and new furniture are all interconnected parts of innovative, growing organizations. Together they are breaking the bonds of habit and helping companies become more flexible, financially responsible and successful.