Café/Multipurpose Rooms

Work Happens Everywhere

Look in any coffee shop and you’ll see phones, laptops and tablets in use everywhere. A mobile, global workforce has turned these third places into second offices. It’s proof that people need a range of settings in their worklife. Naturally, the appeal of the corporate café or lunchroom has grown as one more place to multitask. Steelcase research indicates that “a palette of places” with space for both individual work and team work best supports the needs of a mobile, collaborative and social workforce.

Cafés That Nourish Culture and Wellbeing

The most effective designs for a corporate café serve as both a welcome respite and a practical place for a working lunch. A variety of seating and worksurfaces will satisfy the needs of people who want to eat, socialize and work all at the same time. Varying degrees of privacy extend the usefulness of spaces that were previously thought of as places to get away from work. Furthermore, when a café provides a selection of seating configurations, groups or pairs of colleagues will use these spaces to huddle in collaboration or in other ways that suit their needs. Providing access to power and technology further optimizes the value of this real estate. A more purposeful design for traditional lunch or multipurpose rooms can support the corporate culture and employee wellbeing.