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Collaborative Spaces

Collaboration as a Competitive Advantage

It’s been said, innovation is creativity with output. We would add that collaboration is the engine that drives innovation. Building that engine, and revving it up is the challenge most companies face. According to Steelcase, “supporting creative collaboration requires knowing how to create spaces that provide the right level of engagement across digital and physical mediums.” From a practical standpoint, what does that mean? Being able to share information easily, having eye-to-eye interaction, and providing choices about the spaces people go to collaborate are just a few of the practical steps an organization can take to facilitate creative collaboration.

A Means for Innovation and Growth

The right kind of space will enable the collaborative process by supporting a team’s mission and sense of community. Democratic participation for example, can be supported through the use of standing height worksurfaces that physically allow colleagues to work side-by-side. Flexible spaces allow occupants to make it “theirs” by reconfiguring seating and furnishings. Unobtrusive technology that enables the sharing of information, or the participation of team members in remote locations is important. These and many other practical ideas and tools are part of a culture of collaboration that NBS helps clients to achieve.