Lobby/Reception Space

Lobbies Find New Purpose

Once upon a time lobbies were pass-through areas, spaces whose sole purpose was to make some statement about the occupants. That was before the rise of a mobile, global, 24/7 workforce likely to turn any place into a workspace. Today’s lobbies and reception areas are becoming a hub of activity, an informal meeting area, a place to host a social gathering, and a place to champion a company’s culture and brand.

More Is More

Anyone who’s spent even a few minutes in a lobby has probably made a call, checked email or followed up on some other worklife issue. With an untethered workforce, the lobby is an extension of the workspace. To optimize this space, modern lobbies include features more common to the hospitality industry. Technology that supports mobile workers, digital signage to inform and entertain, casual seating arrangements that invite a quick confab, and worksurfaces for pre-pitch organization or as a staging area for meetings are all great ways to make this often overlooked space work harder. In the modern office, a lobby or reception area has become a hybrid space that adds value to an organization’s real estate portfolio.