Individual Workstations

Workstations That Mean Business

Start-ups and emerging businesses often move fast. Thinking on your feet, sometimes literally, is par for the course. It’s one reason open floor plans are popular. They promote on-the-fly communication and collaboration. But being close to the heart of the action in smaller environments can pose unique challenges. Creating a balance between group and individual workspaces is the key. We know how.

Change is Good

Since operational plans at emerging companies can change quickly, workspaces have to be agile. At the same time, individual spaces are shrinking while expectations about their capabilities are growing. Scarce company resources such as real estate, furniture and technology must be carefully managed. Furniture that’s simple, adaptable and tech-ready is more important than ever. But style and function should not be mutually exclusive. We offer individual workstations in a variety of styles and finishes that adapt easily for growing concerns. They’re perfect for a business on the move.