A Wellness Plan for Healthcare Environments

The most exciting developments in the design of healthcare spaces today are fundamentally changing the user experience. Waiting areas, treatment rooms, lounges and other spaces that were once austere or unequipped are being transformed into places that nurture patients, embrace families, and support caregivers. The prognosis is clear. Treatment outcomes, patient satisfaction and staff efficiency are all improving through innovative thinking about how these rooms should function.

Healthcare Spaces Reinvented

Many spaces that a lot of people think of as cold or “clinical” are being turned into warm and dynamic healthcare assets. The emphasis is on creating spaces that balance state-of-the-art medicine and efficient delivery with a patient-focused healing environment. It’s a holistic approach that examines the needs of everyone involved. The most impressive results have been driven by observational research conducted in clinical settings.

As a strategic partner of Steelcase and their healthcare division Nurture, we are uniquely positioned to apply important discoveries made during their pioneering research. Using this empirical evidence we develop innovative, flexible solutions, which are especially important in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. As important as healthcare services are, few people enjoy the experience. Now better design and smarter furnishings are changing that experience for both patients and providers.

The Reason for Research

Steelcase’s research into the healthcare space is broad and deep. We summarize the most important findings in a quick read format. Look for the Insights on each page throughout the healthcare section.