Consultation Rooms

What Do Patients Want?

It’s possible that no room in the healthcare continuum deserves more careful consideration than a consultation room. It’s where crucial relationships and experiences take shape. A comfortable environment is essential for enabling effective communication between a patient, caregiver and others who may be involved. A thoughtful design can create a sense of calm and order that sends subtle yet confident messages.

Besides a comfortable ambiance, two features of a thoughtful consultation room are privacy and accessibility. Privacy is important to allow intimate patient/caregiver exchanges, and consultation rooms are most efficient when they’re easily accessible to waiting areas. Furnishings that accommodate technology are important too, for their ability to provide information and instruction. Creating a favorable patient experience requires a sensitive design for color, lighting, furnishings and more. Reassurance is something every patient wants.


  • Include a combination of exam rooms with a bed and consultation rooms without one in order to provide the most appropriate setting.
  • A consultation room should be equipped for learning. Whether it’s a conference room or a more casual setting, the right tools must be in place to support information sharing.