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Custom Walls

Walls That Wow You

Walls aren’t just for creating separation anymore. New materials and thinking are expanding the definition of what they can be. Today custom built walls add function and flexibility while expressing an organization’s personality and brand.

Walls With Personality
The possibilities are nearly endless for architectural walls when traditional materials are used in innovative ways. Walls constructed at unconventional angles or with cutouts are more engaging. Dimensional wall tiles made from lightweight composites offer a wide range of styles such as sinuous wave patterns, bold symmetrical graphics and other more subtle textures. Glass partitions can be more intriguing — and more private — with the application of graphics, that provide a simple, powerful way to brand a workplace. Some walls even incorporate interactive features with white boards and displays. There are virtually no limits with custom walls.

Walls That Move
Operable walls on tracks are a smart way to reconfigure a space to suit changing needs. Simply open or close in order to divide large spaces and create rooms that accommodate different size groups. Besides offering flexibility, operable walls provide acoustical benefits; can be decorative, tackable, or incorporate white boards to extend their practical use.

Walls That Adapt
Demountable wall systems and modular offices offer flexibility and added utility for businesses on the move. They are designed to assemble and disassemble easily to match the changing needs or evolving culture of an organization. Besides offering tremendous flexibility, demountable walls reduce installation time, weight and costs compared to traditional construction. They’re a good choice for shop offices or similar environments.