Raised Floors

Multitasking Floors Do More Than Look Good

Having a streamlined, unobtrusive cable management system is a hallmark of the modern, efficient workspace. Raised flooring is one way to achieve that. It makes the most of a tiny space — less than 3 inches high — to eliminate cords and clutter with an integrated cable raceway. Better still, electrical, voice and data cables can be routed wherever they’re needed. Workspaces that feature these raised floors are highly flexible and reconfigurable since they’re not limited by the location of power and communication ports. It’s especially effective at improving workspace efficiency in private offices as well as collaborative and open environments.

Innovative raised floors can save time and money. Instead of cutting trenches in concrete floors, or running power and data lines overhead, access panels provide faster, easier cable access. They’re quick to install. No fasteners or adhesives are necessary. Floor panels can be changed or removed easily. They feel solid underfoot and can be covered with a wide variety of floorcoverings to suit any style or preference.