NBS Connects the Technology Dots for a Networked World

For years, many organizations thought of audiovisual in the same way they thought of filing cabinets and typewriters — functional, sensible and a tad boring. Not anymore. Today, audiovisual is a critical communications tool in virtually every work environment.

AV is all about collaboration and communication. The latest interactive technologies enable colleagues to work together, whether they’re across the hall or across the world. Videoconferencing can provide a dynamic, personal interface between clients or associates. Multimedia and display technologies make presenting, recording and distributing educational or training materials a more rewarding experience, and delivering brand messages with impact directly to your audience is far easier with digital tools. Today’s AV is all about keeping colleagues plugged in, amped up and totally engaged.

NBS audiovisual experts can assist you with solutions for:

  • Videoconferencing and infrastructure
  • Collaboration and interactive tools
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Large rooms and auditoriums
  • Digital signage and messaging

We design systems that are highly valued for both their aesthetics and ease of use, especially by those who aren’t as interested in the equipment itself as much as how it can improve their productivity. Our unique ability to integrate architecture, furniture and technology makes NBS the best choice for any AV project.