Speech Privacy

Keep It Down

As open-plan workplace design grows in popularity, collaboration and space optimization are enjoying big gains. But for some the added noise can impact productivity. Controlling the sound in a workspace could be a matter of creating the most productive environment possible for employees who need focus and concentration.

Research shows that sounds we understand — like speech — are most distracting. At the same time, if you don’t understand what’s being said you’re far more likely to ignore it. The solution is simple. Adding a certain kind of sound fills in the distracting speech with a balancing “white” noise. It’s unnoticeable but effective at obscuring the distracting speech. Overhearing those nearby conversations, whether intentional or accidental, can be prevented with sound masking equipment. The equipment is flexible too. It can be deployed office-wide or used in specific zones.

Understanding how and where sound travels in a particular space is the first step to deploying a sound suppression system. An NBS AV specialist can perform a site evaluation to determine the most effective sound masking system.