Technology in Medical Spaces

Communication Is the Best Medicine

Technology may not cure disease but it’s contributing plenty to improving healthcare. Today the medical field is adapting a wide range of tech tools to assist in a variety of ways including patient monitoring, delivering educational information, and informing and entertaining patients and visitors. In fact, AV technology is helping the healthcare reform movement by offering cost-savings, efficiency and speed in communicating tremendous amounts of information.

There are many applications in healthcare. AV technology can support collaboration and facilitate virtual training sessions. It can provide a robust system for digital signage to make announcements, distribute news and provide direction information. AV can deliver post-op information to patients and caregivers. It can deliver a wide range of broadcast and on-demand content such as entertainment programs or instructional videos to patient rooms and waiting areas; to video displays in halls or entryways, desktop PCs and to mobile devices.

An NBS AV specialist can help evaluate an organization’s needs and design a system…

To Enhance Doctor/Patient Communication
Telemedicine for example, can be more effective with high-resolution monitors and print capture boards for sharing information.

For Professional Development and Collaboration
Record, stream and archive training and education materials; technology-enabled workstations support meaningful exchanges and new ideas.

To Access and View Digital Information
Monitor mounts, media carts and operating room mounts put digital information where you need it and make it much more accessible.

In Meeting/Conference Rooms
Manage time and room scheduling efficiently with a Room Wizard; interactive whiteboards engage participants for better communication; unified control systems make technology user-friendly.