Carpet Maintenance Programs

What You Should Know About Carpet Care

Carpeting is unique in its ability to make a commercial space feel warm, lower the noise level, or create the right image with color and style. It can even help to improve air quality. At the same time, carpeting is probably the most difficult surface in a workplace to keep clean. There’s no avoiding the dust and dirt, mold and mildew that carpeting attracts. What’s more, these common contaminants act like a fine-grit sandpaper that can cause premature wear from the friction of foot traffic. To keep carpeting fresh and ensure the optimal return on investment, a planned maintenance program is the solution.

Too often carpeting is overlooked until its appearance is unappealing. Entryways and lobbies, hallways and lunchrooms usually take the worst of it. Unfortunately, waiting for the obvious signs of wear and soil could be too late to prevent fiber damage or stains from setting permanently. Regular cleaning removes the dry, abrasive soil that can cut and erode carpet fibers which makes them attract dirt and bacteria, look old and dingy, and wear out prematurely. Furthermore, a maintenance program can help lower the life-cycle costs of carpeting.

Routine cleaning is important to:

  • Remove dirt, grime, allergens, etc.
  • Deodorize and sanitize materials
  • Limit the spread of dust and dirt
  • Create a healthy workplace for employees and visitors

Maintenance Programs Protect and Rejuvenate

The average lifespan of commercial carpeting is seven to eight years. A lot of carpeting shows signs of needing replacement much earlier — some after just a few years. Regardless of the type of carpeting, all manufacturers recommend regularly scheduled maintenance to keep carpeting looking fresh and significantly extend its useful lifetime. Carpeting that is maintained on a regular schedule can often last twice as long as the average — as long as 10 to 12 years!

NBS_ServicePlans_BoxPlatinum Plan
Our premier program designed to eliminate mold, mildew and bacteria through consistent and detailed dry extraction of wet, oily and sticky soils that can cause the most trouble.

Gold Plan
Mid-range plan is designed to extend the life of carpets in less heavily trafficked locations through selective scheduling of deep cleaning processes.

Silver Plan
The most economical plan still provides healthy protection to help ensure the longest possible wear from your carpet investment.