Window Washing

Improve Your Sight Lines

It’s amazing what clean glass will do for your outlook: more light, a better view, maybe even a sunnier attitude. Washing glass, though, is generally at the bottom of the to-do list. It shouldn’t be. Regular cleaning of both exterior and interior glass should be a part of the cleaning regimen in every workplace for both aesthetic and practical reasons.

Window washing may seem like the most ordinary of tasks, yet there is a process and technique for doing it correctly. At NBS, our Cleaning Specialists first purify the water through a reverse osmosis process. Doing so creates water that is mineral-free which can eliminate the spotting and streaking that often remains on glass after it is washed with ordinary tap water. There’s more. Not all glass is created equal. Glass that has a coating, is tinted, or has some other unique feature may require special consideration for optimal results. If this sounds excessive for window washing, it’s not — it’s the mark of a professional commercial cleaning service.

The Practical Reasons to Keep Glass Clean

While it hasn’t occurred to most people, there are health and well-being issues at stake. The glass found in partitions and in areas frequented by people can harbor germs and allergens. As Dr. Scott Kelly from San Diego State University discovered in a 2012 study of germs in the workplace, virtually every surface is a breeding ground for bacteria. The kitchen, breakroom, meeting rooms, even the lobby all need regular cleaning to minimize exposure. It’s just one step, but regular cleaning of interior glass is important.

Exterior Window Cleaning
It’s actually about more than aesthetics. Clean glass permits the most natural light into a building. It can also reflect heat and promote energy savings. We use the most efficient tools and technology to create mineral-free water for a spot-free finish.

Interior Window Cleaning
Interior glass can collect dust and airborne contaminants. Employees can spread germs by touching glass throughout a workplace, especially in cubicles, which is often neglected.