The Style, Performance and Value of Carpet

Carpeting has a lot of appeal. It’s beautiful, performs well under heavy use, and offers lots of flexibility in designing unique spaces. Carpeting can be bold and vibrant or calming and neutral. It creates a warm environment in which to work. Carpet is an effective noise buffer to make open spaces more practical for work. Add a cushioned back and it’s even quieter. Carpet is particularly useful on stairs to help mask the sound of foot traffic. It can also help improve indoor air quality by trapping allergens until they’re vacuumed away. In other words, there are a lot of reasons why carpeting makes an excellent choice for corporate offices, healthcare facilities and educational settings.

Modular Carpeting Works Harder Than Ever

Good-looking, practical and flexible — the newest carpet tiles have exactly the qualities a lot of workplaces are looking for. The design possibilities are virtually limitless. Incorporating a variety of colors and textures can create unique and beautiful patterns. It’s cost-effective, too. Modular carpeting can be installed more easily, even in occupied spaces. When it’s not possible to empty a room, furniture and partitions can be lifted or moved to install modular tiles underneath. Maintenance is easy as well. Modular carpeting is cleaned like any other carpet, but individual tiles can also be removed if necessary to work on tough stains. In the event that a single tile is worn, it can easily be replaced rather than having to replace an entire room. The new modular carpet: smart and beautiful.

Broadloom Carpet for Size and Style

Broadloom carpeting — those manufactured on very wide looms — are popular for many reasons. It’s timeless and hardworking. The use of wall-to-wall carpeting presents a solid, unified look. The enormous variety of styles, fibers and colors ensure carpeting with just the right appearance and durability for virtually any workplace environment. The wide broadlooms also minimize the occurrence of seams or eliminate them altogether for a more refined look. Soft underfoot, broadloom carpeting makes a workspace quieter. In certain settings, where confidence, sophistication or tranquility is the required design aesthetic, broadloom carpeting is an excellent choice.

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