Floorcovering Services

Planning for Success

It may be obvious, but the quality of any solution is in direct proportion to how well you understand the problem. Ask the right questions and you get the right answers. That’s our approach. Our mission is to understand the needs and wishes of our clients in order to develop the best solutions possible. When it comes to floorcoverings, we offer a variety of services that lay the groundwork for a beautiful and practical floor in any commercial environment.

Design, Selection and Specification

It’s easy to become fascinated by the incredible variety of flooring choices. It’s also easy to become overwhelmed. Making the best choices can be challenging, but we’ll make that easy for you too. Our floorcovering group is extremely knowledgeable about the practicality, durability, installation and relative value of the whole range of flooring materials. We offer a tremendous selection from the leading brands, but we’re more than just suppliers. As a division of NBS Commercial Interiors, our team includes certified interior designers who bring expertise in color, pattern and styles. You’ll feel confident that your choices are appropriate and will work well to create the environment you want. What’s more, we’ll help you visualize your choices and understand budget options at the earliest stages. Callidus is an innovative computer application we use to prepare color-coded floor plans, specifications and costs. That’s the NBS heritage… product knowledge and design expertise for exceptional service end-to-end.

Site Evaluation

The practical way to avoid surprises that could cause disruptions, delays or additional expense is to conduct a thorough site evaluation. We’ll do that. Architects, designers and facility managers rely on NBS to review floor plans and commercial spaces including entryways, lobbies, stairways, meeting rooms, restrooms and other spaces that might have unique requirements. Our flooring expertise provides an invaluable resource for evaluating site conditions, making product recommendations, designing floor patterns, allocating resources efficiently, site preparation, scheduling, and anticipating any installations issues. It’s one more step to ensure the successful completion of your floorcovering project.

Project Management

At NBS Commercial Interiors we know that project management is critical to providing the best service possible. We take that responsibility very seriously. As a result, we put our comprehensive knowledge and experience in floorcoverings to work for our clients. An NBS floorcovering specialist will act as your partner at every stage of the project. Our team is thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced in the entire process, from purchase and installation through maintenance, to ensure your complete satisfaction. We work in many sectors including the corporate environment, healthcare and education, from start-ups to Fortune 1,000 companies. We understand the unique requirements of each.

Furniture Lifts Enable Carpet Installation Without Having to Vacate a Workspace

When moving everything out of a workspace isn’t an option, modular furniture lifts are the solution. This specially designed equipment lifts workstations in place so that old carpet can be removed and new carpet installed. Workstations are returned to their original position without moving or disturbing electrical or communications lines. This Vertical Installation Technology also enables an installation crew to work evenings or weekends to prevent disruption to your operation. Furniture lifts — innovative thinking at work for you.