Make Yourself Comfortable

The chair is perhaps the most fundamental of workplace furnishings, yet it’s often taken for granted. Is it just a chair? Seating in all its variations — from executive and task chairs, to lounge chairs, guest chairs, lunchroom seating and more — is crucial to an employee’s productivity and wellbeing. Chairs that adjust to a user’s size and personal preferences can improve posture, and minimize stress on the spine, legs, lower body, wrists, shoulders and neck. Steelcase has spent more than 60 years researching these effects and is a leader in seating design. That’s why we offer seating that was designed with important insights gained from research into the physical demands of prolonged sitting or in doing specific tasks.

We also offer seating solutions for specific settings with unique requirements such as healthcare or educational facilities. Comfort is different for each of us. So are the seating requirements for individual spaces. No matter what you prefer, at NBS there’s not a bad seat in the house!