Design Services

Partners in Great Workspaces

The creative team at NBS is passionate about space. We partner with architects, designers, project managers and clients responsible for creating inspiring, effective workspaces. Together we bring life to their vision.

Our process is grounded in the workplace trends uncovered in the latest Steelcase research. Working together, our team leverages this knowledge and adapts it to each project, leading to a unique, well-thought-out solution.

  • It supportNBS_InterconnectedWorkplace_Ribbons how people work today while anticipating their needs tomorrow
  • It leverages the opportunities offered by an interconnected world and is designed to augment the social, spatial and informational interactions between people
  • It offers choice and control over spaces that support the physical, social and cognitive wellbeing of people and provides a range of spaces designed for the many modes of work they engage in
  • It is a workplace that amplifies the performance of people, teams and organizations

we-i-matrixUsing the framework on the right provides a methodology for creating and assessing a workplace designed for an interconnected world. It recognizes that people need to do both individual ‘I’ work and group ‘We’ work. It also breaks the paradigm that all individual spaces should be assigned or ‘owned’ or that all group spaces should be shared. The range of spaces in an interconnected workplace need to support focused work, collaboration, socializing and learning.  Our objective is to use these tools to guide the planning process and positively impact the end result.

Beyond the Need for Design

Flexibility is important, both in workspace design and in our role in bringing it to life. We assist many firms who lead the design effort and need qualified support services to ensure their vision is properly executed. With our experience and project management skills we are perfectly suited to that role. We support architects and designers as the team members responsible for furniture and furnishings, color and finish, AV technology, floorcoverings or other facets of their design.

Explore Your Organization’s Health

Ever wonder how your work environment — the real estate, technology or culture — impacts your organization’s health? Steelcase will partner with you to answer those questions. The Applied Research and Consulting Group (ARC) brings its knowledge and experience to bear on issues such as process and culture.