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What’s new in the corporate world? We always have an eye out for trends that are driving decision-making, practices that make great companies great, compelling viewpoints that are shaping workplace design… in short, ideas that can make a difference for us all. Here’s a look at some current research, insights and thinking that matters.



Essays, research, studies, white papers and more from industry leaders, manufacturers, scholars, best-selling authors and others who offer their unique take on a wide range of workplace issues. Learn more…



News and thought-provoking views from notable industry publications and observers. Often inspiring, sometimes entertaining, and certainly helpful for following trends in the industry. Learn more…

  • Steelcase 360° Magazine
    Check out the latest information on workplace research, insights and trends that will help you understand how people really work and how creating great space can make a difference.
  • Fast Company Magazine
    Fast Company inspires a new breed of innovative and creative thought leaders who are actively inventing the future of business.
  • Wired Magazine
    Wired reports on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics.
  • Harvard Business Review
    Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a general management magazine covering a wide range of topics relevant to different industries, management functions, and geographic locations while focusing on such areas as leadership, organizational change, negotiation, strategy, operations, marketing, finance, and managing people.


Big ideas deserve the spotlight, like these books. Here are some of our favorites because of the important lessons they offer on organizational behavior, productivity, workplace trends and more. Learn more…



Hands-on tools for architects, designers and anyone involved in workspace planning to help with developing or conveying design intent, space allocation and layout, and more. Learn more…

  • NBS Showroom App
    Experience all four of the NBS Commercial Interiors Showrooms wherever you are, right on your iPad. Whenever we update the products on the showroom floor, your Virtual Tour app will be updated too. Download free from iTunes.
  • Interconnected Workplace Applications Interactive PDF
    This tool makes it easy to review the five Interconnected Workplace issues and the concept of “I/Owned/We/Shared” spaces with a variety of related examples, thoughtstarters and application insights.
  • Steelcase Planning Ideas for the Interconnected Workplace
    These thoughtstarters can be used as a resource to help inspire, envision or plan your workspace solutions. Each application provides 2D & 3D visuals, pricing and specifications for detailed reference.
  • Steelcase Power of Place: Workcafé IdeaBook
    A WorkCafé is a dynamic space that connects people with colleagues, their work, and their organization. It transforms traditional corporate cafeteria real estate into destinations for connection, collaboration, focus and innovation.
  • Steelcase Power of Place: Privacy IdeaBook
    Today’s highest-performing, most appealing and relevant workplaces are designed in new ways to provide an effective balance between open areas for collaboration and privacy spaces for focus and rejuvenation. The result is optimally utilized real estate that positively reflects an organization’s values and brand, strengthens employees’ engagement and helps build a cohesive culture.
  • Steelcase Pinterest Page
    Steelcase helps leading organizations create the places that can unlock the promise of their people.
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