Our Communities

Making a Difference in Our Communities

At NBS, we strive to make a difference in the communities we live and work.  As a core value, giving back to our communities not only provides needed help and support to the organizations but helps us build a strong team bond. In 2016, we launched the NBS 4.0 Volunteer Challenge, encouraging all of our team members to volunteer 4.0 hours of their time in celebration of our 40-year anniversary with Steelcase. Our team went above and beyond, surpassing our 700 hour goal with a total of 825 volunteer hours!

 We empower and encourage our team members to share the areas of commitment that inspire them.  This affords us the opportunity to support team member passions and heartfelt causes that may be personally affecting their families or friends.

Our team members are inspired by a variety of causes including education and literacy, health & wellness, the environment, hunger, our military, and animals.  The passion our team members share for harder working spaces spills over into the commitment to give back to organizations that inspire them.

In addition to supporting individual efforts of our team members, NBS also raises money and awareness for local charities as a component of our company-sponsored client events.

We are proud that our team members in all of our regional locations work in a variety of areas to positively impact our communities.  Check out some of the organizations we are honored to support.


NBS 4.0 Volunteer Challenge

For over 40 years our partnership with Steelcase has positively impacted our company, team members and clients.  To celebrate and give back, we challenged each of our team members to volunteer 4.0 hours of their time in 2016. Our amazing team rose to the challenge, impacting a variety of causes and organizations by donating 825 hours of time!