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Speak Easy: How Better Communications Inspires Better Ideas

When it was time to update Airfoil’s office to reflect their thriving business in high-tech PR, one priority was to incorporate the latest communication and presentation technology. The goal was to enhance collaboration between colleagues and clients, often in remote locations. And no one knows workplace collaboration better than NBS.

The Intersection of Furnishing and Technology
In bringing connectivity to updated meeting rooms, the mandate was clear — all tech upgrades had to be unobtrusive. That approach is perfectly embodied in two custom conference tables that conceal audio/visual hardware and cables to eliminate the usual clutter. In the executive meeting room the standing height table connects simply to an interactive whiteboard and flat screen display.

Other new spaces incorporate projection capabilities, large display screens and interactive digital boards to energize thinking, communication and collaboration. And by incorporating sleek design with intelligent features, NBS has created a smarter office for some very bright clients.

If incorporating the latest technology into your office seems …well, too technical, then take a look at what NBS can do for your work environment.

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