BI Worldwide

Polishing A Diamond In The Rough

What happens when an international marketing services firm takes over a former jewelry showroom for its new office? With NBS Commercial Interiors as their space-planning partner, they got a cool modern office that’s both highly functional and a little bit fun.

While BI Worldwide saw the potential in an unconventional space, they weren’t going to be satisfied with a run-of-the-mill corporate environment. So they chose NBS to imagine the possibilities and create a design that would complement its progressive business model and energetic staff. We started with neutral walls punctuated by splashes of colors to create an urban vibe in this loft-like space. A freestanding system of workstations enhances the floor plan and helps make individual work spaces feel larger than they are. Collaborative work areas were created in the conference room and in the popular coffee bar where coworkers and visitors alike gather and blur the lines between life and work. Another layer of visual interest was created with custom designed graphic wall coverings and interior signage that serve to reinforce key brand messages. Dennis Kateff, BI’s Vice President of Real Estate, gives the results high marks by stating “You managed to take a very unique space and fully capitalize on its potential. This has to be the coolest space in Metro Detroit.”

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This project showcases the power of NBS AFT integration (Architecture, Furniture and Technology). We believe that when these three disciplines are brought together early in the planning process, good things happen. Fewer errors occur, efficiency improves, and your stress goes down — because we handle EVERYTHING.

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