NBS Kettering University Chan Family Study

Kettering University

Breaking Down Barriers Between Learning and Living      Kettering University, a STEM-focused university in Flint, Michigan, prides itself on creating an open, collaborative learning environment for its students. When they had the opportunity to build a new Learning Commons, they naturally wanted those values reflected in the space. The result is a unique and […]

West Bloomfield Middle School

A State-of-the-Art Learning Facility Puts Student Needs First     When you walk into the new West Bloomfield Middle School, the first impression is “wow.” The building was designed to meet the needs of 21st Century learners and educators, with flexible spaces filled with light, color and welcoming touches. NBS worked with architectural and design […]

High Point School custom imaged niche

High Point School – Washtenaw Intermediate School System

Making Learning and Creativity Accessible for All   A special population requires specialized interior solutions. At High Point School, part of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a major renovation provided the opportunity to reimagine learning for the school’s K-12 special needs students. The Polyvision Flow™ modular whiteboard system was the perfect […]

NBS Wayne State University

Wayne State University

NBS partnered with NORR to provide dynamic furnishings and drive positive changes in culture across students and STEM departments at Wayne State University.

Michigan State University

Team Spirit Spreads with Athletic Administration Redesign At Michigan State University, Spartan school spirit is plentiful. Their impressive athletic program is championed by student athletes and the many staff members who work hard behind the scenes. MSU wanted to create a new space where all athletic administration employees could work together under one roof. By […]

NBS Owens Community College

Owens Community College

Renovated Student Center Modernizes Campus Learning Culture Owens Community College (OCC) prides itself on creating an academically rigorous environment that fosters a sense of community amongst its students. OCC chose The Collaborative and NBS to redesign College Hall, one of the main areas students can meet to socialize or work on assignments. Prior to NBS’s […]


Detroit Country Day School

Designed for Learning Can classroom design improve results in primary and secondary education? The newest “active learning” models have us re-examining the impact of physical space on student performance. It’s also inspired some amazing classroom transformations. Traditional teaching models impose a passive order in the classroom. Rows of stationary desks face a blackboard on beige […]

Walsh College, Troy

Business School Passes With Flying Colors Teamwork is at the heart of knowledge work, so it’s not surprising that the education field would adapt best practices to enable it. For Walsh College, that meant creating environments that would promote engagement, creative thinking and collaboration – not just for today, but well into the future for […]

Lansing Community College,
Gannon Building

Comfort Zones That Help Students Succeed After four years of planning and renovation, the revitalized Gannon Building delivers on a strategic vision for how to engage students and build a strong academic community. Home to admissions, financial aid and academic advising, as well as being a social hub with its student commons and food court, […]

Lansing Community College,
Arts & Sciences Building

Making the College Experience Exceptional When schools function as passive learning environments, the educational experience can suffer. Lansing Community College (LCC) on the other hand, is a textbook example in how to engage and inspire students. To launch their visionary Building Forward initiative LCC retained Steelcase’s Applied Research & Consulting group to conduct research and […]

Bowling Green State University,
Olscamp Hall

New School of Thought Redefines the Classroom Classrooms everywhere are undergoing dramatic changes meant to revitalize the teaching and learning experience. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Bowling Green State University (BGSU). Their “Traditions to Tomorrow” initiative is a visionary plan to reconfigure the learning space for improved outcomes. The age-old educational model that […]

Central Michigan University
College of Medicine, Administrative Offices

Cure for the Common Office Cube In developing a new workspace for this med school’s administration, several issues emerged as top priorities. Shared space was important to enhance collaboration and the learning experience. Flexibility was also important to support a mobile staff travelling from adjunct campuses in neighboring cities. And clean, open sight lines were […]