Emerging Biz

NBS Showroom, Clawson

Connect and Collaborate. A Context for Success. There’s a lot to admire about a startup culture… the passion, the personality, the “anything-is-possible” thinking. Can those same qualities be cultivated anywhere? The renovated NBS Showroom in Clawson demonstrates the ability to apply that same energy and excitement to an established organization. As a showroom and workplace, […]


A User Experience That Attracts Innovative Thinkers When it comes to recruiting knowledge workers these days, there’s plenty of competition for the best and the brightest. It’s one reason why creating just the right environment has become as important to talent acquisition as it is to creating a culture of innovation. The LLamasoft offices are […]

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers

Strategy for Growth: Stay True to Your Roots Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers (ALF) has a lot in common with the farmers they serve: a steadfast Midwest work ethic, reliability and the ingenuity to get the job done. Honoring tradition while looking forward are hallmarks of the company. So when ALF commissioned a new headquarters, the challenge […]

NBS Toledo Showroom

Toledo Transformation: Bygone Building Gets Modern Makeover When it comes to character this former electric company showroom in Toledo’s trending Warehouse District has it in spades. Case in point? Vintage oak floors, terracotta brick walls, massive timber beams and tooled sheet metal all contribute to its cool urban vibe. Following a gut-renovation by Thomas Porter […]

Owen Moore

Savvy Strategy Balances Professionalism And Friendliness The impact of a new office design can reach beyond the obvious need for functional and aesthetic improvements. It can also create a new workplace dynamic that inspires professionalism and confidence. For Owen Moore Insurance, their new office space accomplished this with better individual workspaces for its staff while […]