Henry Ford Health System IT Center

Antidote For a Drab Data Center

Think data center and it’s easy to imagine rows of server racks and office cubes with engineers working in isolation. They’re more like warehouses than workspaces. Not at Henry Ford Health System (HFHS). As the department responsible for mission-critical applications, their IT group places a premium on communication and collaboration. Now their offices support those values.

As the department expanded and the staff grew, the need to overcome physical barriers also grew. The previous space was described as “drab, even dark.” A traditional arrangement of tall panels and individual desks created walls and inhibited collaborative problem solving. While HFHS recognized the need to find more efficient ways to work, the NBS healthcare team understood the situation and how to remedy it.

The IT Center is now open and light. Individual worksettings group staff members in a dynamic pod application. Lower walls improve sight lines and send natural light throughout. Shared spaces for collaboration, networking and informal meetings include soft seating. A new work café is a favorite spot for work and socializing. Private offices and conference rooms have glass walls to reinforce openness. According to Kathleen Ravenscroft, manager of IT Operational Support Services, the new space is “much more efficient, much easier to communicate.” Staff wellbeing has also improved. And that fits perfectly with the health system’s own mission: “Transforming lives through health and wellness – one person at a time.”

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