Creating Better Workplaces

Knowing how to create workplaces that boost performance requires an understanding of how physical space, technology and human behavior shape the way we do our jobs. But what do these larger trends mean for an individual organization? At NBS we have dedicated teams immersed in the nuances of specific industries. We understand the specialized logistics, codes and standards unique to those categories. NBS team members generally focus on one of these areas:

Our workplace specialists, designers, project managers and client experience team members all bring insights based on their experience within these industries. Together, we help organizations create engaging places where people want to work. For ideas and inspiration to use in your space check out the industry-related pages throughout this section.

How Research Is Changing the Workplace

New studies into the changing ways people work and interact is having profound effect on workspace design. Steelcase is at the forefront of this important research. They have examined the impact of evolving social behavior, culture, technology and other issues on productivity and organizational health. Look for these important findings labeled Insights throughout our site, and check out the Related Links for more in-depth information.