Individual Workstations

Balancing Buzz With Business

Conversation and commotion are hallmarks of a collaborative environment. However, employees still need spaces with minimum distraction to concentrate and complete assignments. Finding that balance is critical. Today, individual spaces that are flexible, occupy a smaller footprint, and support both interactive work and focused activities are the new ideal.

Individual Workstations That Work Smarter

Mobile technology has up-ended the classic notions about where and when work gets done. According to Steelcase research, “people prefer working at an office because it’s where colleagues, technology and tools are most accessible.” Our variety of individual workstations creates that environment effectively and efficiently.

Some organizations need workstations that minimize distractions and establish visual separation. Others may require adjacency to collaborative areas with whiteboards, casual seating etc. We offer a variety of panel systems, desking systems and benching systems to accommodate many different workstyles and activities.