Café | Dining Spaces

Eat. Work. Learn. Socialize.

The café as study hall is nothing new. Intentional design that encourages active learning is. Students, faculty and visitors are all drawn to a café. Students use them to socialize, study and collaborate with classmates. Staff and faculty utilize them for classroom prep, as a meeting space and to socialize with colleagues. To function, they should incorporate a mix of welcoming spaces, large and small, quiet and loud, public and somewhat private. Like other non-traditional educational spaces, cafés and dining rooms are becoming more important as extensions of the classroom.



 An open café environment that supports dining and work allows for impromptu collaboration between students or with instructors.

 Encourage users to stay for working, eating or socializing by supporting a range of postures and with space to temporarily set out materials.

 Include smaller, more private spaces adjacent to larger, open cafés where possible.