Collaborative Learning Areas

Every Room Is a Classroom

Lounges, halls, cafés — those in-between places — are increasingly important learning environments. Not only do they support collaborative work, they also serve as a kind of “third space” where students gather. Socializing, networking, sharing, mentoring and celebrating are all part of the formula for success in an active learning environment.

Since learning happens anywhere, intentional design for casual gathering spaces is a smart way to leverage valuable campus real estate. The most effective spaces incorporate flexible seating, worksurfaces and power access that students and teachers can use before and after class.



 Allow users some measure of control over how they use a space and where furniture can be positioned.

 Learning involves a variety of postures, from stand-up conversations to groups gathered working around a table. Incorporate furniture that easily adjusts to various work styles and postures.

 Support collaborative learning with methods for sharing digital and analog content; include worksurfaces that accommodate laptops, books and other materials.