Emerging Biz

The Ones to Watch

Entrepreneurs and emerging business leaders’ passion and drive to discover the next big idea energizes the economy. Supporting their vision through smarter, more efficient workplace design is our passion.

Our solutions are inspired by research conducted by the Steelcase WorkSpace Futures group who interviewed small and emerging companies in a range of industries. Among the findings, emerging companies leverage their small size and unique culture to compete for top talent against larger firms. For them, personality and diversity of experience are valuable employee traits to be recognized and celebrated. Open communication is a key component of this work style, and real estate should be configured to support it.

Amazing Space

For most emerging businesses flexibility and openness are important. These qualities reflect the value placed on employee wellbeing, culture and brand building. To support these values, we offer workstations that move and reconfigure easily; benching systems that support collaboration and knowledge-sharing; and seating, tables and storage that support a social, interactive workstyle. Dynamic work environments — just what companies on the move need.

Research for Better Design

Steelcase research has identified some compelling trends about the ways in which Gen Y employees engage their surroundings, colleagues and employers. Look for the most important findings throughout this section.

“You managed to take a very unique space and fully capitalize on its potential. This has to be the coolest space in Metro Detroit.”

— Dennis Kateff, Vice President of Real Estate, BI Worldwide