We believe that an exceptional care experience starts with a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment. The look and feel of a healthcare space can have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of patients, their families and healthcare professionals. Features such as natural light, greenery and comfortable furniture can uplift moods and decrease stress levels, while easy-to-navigate layouts and wayfinding can ease patient, visitor and staff frustration.

Additionally, we can provide adaptable architectural products, such as modular wall systems and space dividers for privacy and flexibility, and can integrate technology into the space to improve a patient’s understanding of procedures, scans or test results. A thoughtfully-designed healthcare space can also contribute to the happiness, wellbeing and retention of the staff by fostering a supportive and positive work environment.

As a partner of Steelcase Health and several other leading manufacturers, we deliver innovative solutions and spaces that support everyone involved in the healing process.

We can create a range of healthcare spaces, including:

  • patient rooms
  • consultation rooms
  • virtual consultation spaces
  • exam rooms
  • oncology & treatment rooms
  • radiology reading rooms
  • waiting rooms
  • café & lounge spaces
  • administrative spaces
  • caregiver stations


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As an interior integrator, we create amazing spaces where people work, learn and heal by expertly blending architecture, furniture and technology.

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