Caregiver Stations

Workstation Remedies

An aging population, changing technology and treatment delivery modes, and many other factors are shaping the healthcare environment. Caregiver workstations are linked to these trends and the frontline necessities of healthcare delivery.


Research in the workplace has identified three common occurrences where better design and planning can make a difference:

  • The so-called curbside meeting, where impromptu collaboration happens frequently
  • The step-in, when more focused work takes place such as charting or follow-ups
  • Immersive meetings that require a computer, whiteboard or other technology for informational or instructional purposes

We offer innovative products designed to improve these exchanges. Our solutions are based on observation of relationships between people, processes, equipment and the spaces they operate within to alleviate congestion and inefficiencies to delivering the best care possible.


 Spaces that are intended for individual, heads-down work should be large enough to accommodate two people in frequent collaboration.

 Computer monitor arms and adjustable-height worksurfaces should be included at workstations used by a variety of people.

 Nurses’ stations should be planned to accommodate new technologies and processes, e.g., when integrating workstations on wheels, consider where they will be parked when not in use.