Senior Living

Comfort, Care and Community

With the senior population growing, facilities to support short- and long-term care for this age group are in high demand. When transitioning to senior living facilities, residents don’t want to leave behind their independence and familiar amenities. Creating senior living environments that support a healthy lifestyle, have a sense of community and have a residential or hospitality feel help ease the transition. These facilities need to support a variety of activities from dining and socializing to rehabilitation care, selecting furnishings that are both functional and engaging are key. Comfort, mobility, technology and durability are all important factors that should be considered when designing senior living environments.


 Create a non-institutional overall character, including aspects of hospitality and residential design.

 Develop straightforward wayfinding circulation routes with visual access to important spaces.

 Include a variety of lighting, textures, colors and artwork to stimulate senses and enhance wellbeing.

 Incorporate natural elements such as plants, fireplaces, water features and biophilic design patterns.

 Provide theaters, workout facilities, beauty salons and indoor/outdoor dining areas.

Senior Living Spaces Include:

 Independent Living

 Enhanced Living

 Assisted Living

 Memory Care

 Rehabilitative Care

 Short- & Long-term Care