Technology in Medicine

Better Ways to Work

A look at the new realities of healthcare reveals an industry undergoing massive change. As healthcare grows more complex and stressful, new models for efficiency are needed. Physicians, nursing staff, specialists and clinicians could all use better ways to communicate. Training and professional development. Patient education. Collaboration with colleagues across campus or in remote locations. Telemedicine and patient interaction. These are just some of the areas where communication technologies are making a significant impact. As a result, important gains are being made in service delivery, staff productivity and strengthening relationships.


A seamless integration of easy-to-use technology is important for:

 Doctor/patient communications through live video interaction or telemedicine

 Recording and archiving training, educational, in-service programs, etc.

 Accessing and viewing scans, records, patient information, etc.

 Collaborative meetings with videoconferencing, interactive whiteboards, hi-res monitors, etc.

 Digital signage and way-finding

 Educational/entertainment services for patients and families