Waiting Rooms

Rehab for Waiting Rooms

Today the waiting room is much more than a place to sit passively. Modern waiting areas should support a variety of activities and visitors. Some need privacy or work areas; others need distraction or relaxation. A skillful integration of technology is key to improving the standards of comfort and functionality. The best waiting areas facilitate private conversations between caregivers, and patients and their families. Seating should accommodate people of all sizes and ages. The quality of an experience helps shape the way consumers think about an organization and its brand. Well-designed waiting areas that are comfortable and flexible are an important part of that experience.


 By clustering various seating types, waiting areas become more versatile and accommodating to groups of different sizes.

 Provide private enclaves in waiting areas for consultation and for families to retreat during times of stress.

 Provide amenities that make users comfortable and allow them to make the most of their time, e.g., computer workstations, refreshments, and play and educational areas for kids.