Integrated Interiors

The Next Generation Workspace: Innovation Starts Here

There’s an exciting re-imagining of the workplace happening today, due in part to a growing recognition that people work in different ways and excel in different settings. Most employees thrive on collaborative experiences but traditional work environments don’t necessarily support them. So companies are asking, “How can we create a culture that nurtures innovation?” No matter how you answer that question, every organization should consider how integrated space planning — real estate, furniture and technology — can impact productivity and culture. Bringing them all together in a cohesive strategy can produce the biggest gains in workplace design.

Why Integrated Interiors are Important

Architectural Systems
Innovative architectural systems are the foundation for successfully integrating furniture and technology. Systems such as raised floors, modular power and cabling, and movable walls are easier to install and more cost-effective over time. In addition, these architectural systems create more flexible environments that can be changed or updated more easily as an organization evolves and grows.


Furniture Solutions
We offer plenty of choices in furniture for either individual or group work, in both private offices and open spaces. A broad range of materials is available, from wood and laminates to metal, glass and fabric, to ensure the appropriate style for your particular space. Our design team members are also keenly aware of how to utilize design, materials and color to promote culture and brand, which helps keep your staff engaged.

Audiovisual Technology
Just as typewriters and fax machines were once crucial office equipment, today audiovisual is essential for every work environment. That’s because AV is all about collaboration and communication. The latest technologies enable colleagues to work together, whether they’re across the hall or across the world. The options are broad, but our dedicated staff of AV professionals will help your organization select, design and install the most appropriate technology solutions.