Freestanding Pods

The New Phone Booth: Privacy on Demand

Office pods are becoming the superhero solution to consistent problems such as noise, distraction and lack of privacy. While many organizations have added areas that support collaboration, the demand for enclosed spaces usually exceeds the supply. Freestanding pod solutions have become a popular choice to incorporate private and enclosed spaces quickly and easily.

NBS Orangebox On the QT Pod

Orangebox On the QT

On the QT by Orangebox offers the perfect balance between efficient use of space and workable comfort. With advanced ventilation, a unique “kink” shape to allow sound to bounce away and seated or standing options, On the QT’s small office footprint makes a big impact for people needing to take a phone or video call. Use anywhere to create instant privacy.

Orangebox Air

Orangebox offers a variety of freestanding meeting rooms and phone booths with a high level of insulation and speech privacy. Their Air3 product range feature an opening roof system designed for fire safety in sprinklered commercial environments. Interchangeable panels and demountable construction provide future flexibility. Pods can be re-positioned and refreshed with new colors or fabrics to meet future businesses needs.

SnapCab Pod

SnapCab pods are quiet, simple to install, can be personalized and are easy to relocate. They come in three sizes to support independent concentration or collaboration. SnabCab pods are built on casters making them highly mobile whenever reconfigurations are needed. Their modular construction and plug-and-play electrical connection result in quick installation at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.