Raised Floors and Modular Power

Integrating Flooring and Power For Smart Connectivity

Flexibility is key to stay on top of the rapidly changing work environment. Organizations grow, shrink, change and evolve, resulting in the need for dynamic vertical real estate. Raised flooring with integrated modular power gives organizations the flexibility to provide power, data, voice and other system access anywhere it’s needed. From reconfiguring workstations, to adding or relocating meeting spaces, raised flooring and modular power can handle the move with ease. By incorporating these architectural systems workspaces can work harder, accommodating the needs of an organization, today, tomorrow and beyond.

NBS Thread Power System

Thread Power System

Thread power system can easily be installed underneath flooring with its ultra-thin design. At a height of just 3/16″, Thread’s power track seamlessly integrates into a space, providing power to furniture and users, without impacting foot traffic. Thread’s single and dual circuit technologies bring the most cost-effective power solution to a variety of settings. Thread is easy to reconfigure, providing flexibility to accommodate changing configurations in any space.

Raised Floors

Raised floors, or low-profile access flooring, is one way to achieve a streamlined, unobtrusive cable management system. It makes the most of a tiny space — less than 3 inches high — to eliminate cords and clutter with an integrated cable raceway. Electrical, voice and data cables can be routed wherever they’re needed. Workspaces with low-profile floors are highly flexible and reconfigurable since they’re not limited by the location of power and communication ports. It’s effective at improving workspace efficiency in private offices as well as collaborative and open environments.

Raised floors can save time and money. Instead of cutting trenches in concrete floors, or running power and data lines overhead, access panels provide faster, easier cable access. Installation is quick and no fasteners or adhesives are necessary. Floor panels can be changed or removed easily. They feel solid underfoot and can be covered with a wide variety of floorcoverings to suit any style or preference.

Modular Power

Modular power is simple to install and adaptable to reconfiguring a workspace as an organization’s needs change. Workplace efficiency is no longer shackled by fixed power poles or inflexible building supply connections. Modular power is designed to move, adapt, and grow or contract easily, quickly and for less than the cost of installing new building power supplies.

Modular power components come ready to install. They snap together — and apart — for easy installation and moving. The components are designed to create a seamless, quick connection from the electrical panel to the user. Installation takes 50-to-75% less time, so new build-outs are functioning sooner and remodels require less downtime or disruption. The components are rated for air handling spaces, so they meet code requirements for raised floors or suspended ceilings that supply conditioned air. Modular power provides wall-to-wall cable management and access for the ultimate in design and floor plan convenience.