Auditoriums | Large Rooms

Big Spaces, Big Challenges

When AV equipment isn’t properly integrated into a room or the existing infrastructure, it can lead to lackluster audience experience. Thinking in terms of the whole system, not only the parts, is our strength.

Multipurpose rooms, classrooms and auditoriums require specific equipment for their dimensions, seating, acoustics, configurations, staging and the types of presentations being made. The system should be flexible and handle different source materials such as streaming Internet media, DVDs, Blu-ray discs and computer displays as well as different video files and formats. Controlling multiple AV sources requires special consideration too. Careful planning and design is essential to making it all work effectively.

For smart integration of audiovisual components, we are your single source for classrooms, auditoriums and other large spaces.


What’s Your Presentation Style?

Creating the right space is possible with thoughtful planning and design. We can provide a variety of solutions including display and projection technology, multimedia management and presentations, audio and amplification systems, audience participation systems with wireless mics and interactive, handheld devices, video or web conferencing and the centralized control rooms or system management needed for functionality. Regardless of your needs, we have a variety of solutions to support the application and budget.