Room Scheduling | Wayfinding

Save Time Searching

In today’s hybrid workplace, people come and go on different schedules. With room scheduling and wayfinding technology, individuals are equipped with the tools to find and reserve spaces quickly and intuitively. These tools can seamlessly integrate into the workplace and offer clear visual displays so employees can see which spaces are available and which are reserved. These can take the form of interactive wayfinding maps, room schedulers and desk schedulers. Employees can book from their desk, mobile device or even on demand, providing the ease and flexibility workers want today.

NBS Crestron Flex Room Scheduler

Benefits of Room Scheduling Systems

Room scheduling systems can help improve productivity and ease frustration many experience trying to find a place to meet or work. They display information such as room name and hour by hour availability, can assist with wayfinding and allow people to book on demand from their desk or mobile device.

  • Save time searching for a place to meet or work
  • See and book space with real time availability
  • Calendar integration
  • Visible cues at a distance – ex. LED light bar that turns a different color based on availability
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Brand your space with logo customization