Wayfinding | Room Scheduling

Save Time Searching

Everyone could use more time in their day. It is estimated that employees spend an average of 27 hours per year looking for available spaces to meet. Eliminating costly search time helps people feel more confident and comfortable, so they can focus on what really matters: achieving their best possible performance.

With room scheduling and wayfinding technology, individuals are equipped with the tools to find and reserve spaces quickly and intuitively. These tools can seamlessly integrate into the workplace and offer clear visual displays.

NBS Steelcase Room Wizard Room Scheduler


RoomWizard is intentionally designed to display critical meeting information readable from a distance, assist with wayfinding and scheduling meeting spaces from your desk or at the device.

  • Clear Wayfinding
  • Simplified Interface
  • Easy Reservations
  • Visible cues at a distance
  • Brand your space with logo customization