Commercial Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Refreshes Interiors

NBS has created highly functional and attractive interiors for business, educational and healthcare settings since 1976. In doing so, we’ve earned a reputation for delivering outstanding client service. No one is more capable of caring for commercial interiors than the company that creates exceptional ones.


Creating a Healthy Workplace

If you think clean floors are just about looking good, think again. According to the Environmental Protection Agency many buildings suffer from “significant indoor air pollution.” Sources include furnishings, occupant activities, housekeeping practices and others. A healthy workplace requires regular cleaning, which can lead to increases in productivity and lower absenteeism.

Regular care and cleaning of your facility is important for:

 Employee health and productivity

 Promoting positive employee engagement

 Reinforcing brand quality and professionalism

 Making a favorable impression on visitors and customers

Extending the life of office furnishings and flooring