Hard Surface

Hard surface flooring such as natural stone, ceramic and porcelain are nearly indestructible, making them a great choice if durability and longevity is a top priority. With its resilience and wide assortment of styles and colors, it’s no surprise why hard surface flooring is so popular in commercial spaces. Hard surface flooring is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas like entryways, kitchens and restrooms.

Natural stone like marble, granite and limestone all have beautiful irregularities that give the flooring character. Regardless of your preference of stone, they are all tough and long lasting. Our Floorcovering team can help you determine which type of tile will look and hold up the best in your space.

Advantages of hard surface flooring include:

  • strongest surface material for floors
  • non-permeable to smoke, odors, paint fumes or other contaminants
  • inhibits the growth of mold and fungus
  • easy maintenance