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Hardwoods, rubber and cork are just a few of the floorcoverings turning heads these days. They can be sophisticated, surprising and sustainable. When it comes to interesting and innovative materials, NBS Floorcoverings Solutions has you covered. Here’s a small sample of what we offer.


Hardwood Floors: Modern and Classic

Hardwoods are prized for the warmth and style they bring to any environment. What many don’t realize is how durable they are. Gymnasium floors are a good example of how well hardwoods can take a pounding and still hold up. At the same time wood feels softer, more resilient and often more comfortable to stand on for extended periods.

With their grain and other natural properties, wood floors bring character to any space. Creating a unique look can be achieved through the use of interesting patterns, contrasting borders, medallions, or mixing different wood species together or with other materials such as stone, tile or even metal.

Wood, the Clean and Green Solution

Wood floors help contribute to a healthy indoor environment. Dust and other allergens won’t embed themselves in wood floors. Simple maintenance can keep them clean and hypoallergenic. It’s also a green choice when sustainability is an issue, as hardwood forests today are carefully managed and replanted. Furthermore, hardwood can last decades with the proper care and maintenance.

Cork Flooring Might Surprise You

Sustainable? Check. Non-toxic and healthy? Check. Excellent insulation and sound absorption? Check and check. Obviously there are a lot of reasons to recommend cork as a flooring material. While it’s been used for over a hundred years, today’s cork flooring is hitting all the right notes for those who want practicality balanced with environmental considerations. It’s fashionable too, with a wide range of styles and colors to choose from.


Entry/Walk-off Carpet

Floor maintenance can be minimized with entryway carpets that help prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked throughout a building. Carpet tile, mats or runners are the first line of defense because most dirt and soil that gets tracked into a building will be deposited within a few feet of the vestibule, lobby or entry hallway. Walk-off carpets  also help extend the life of all the other floorcoverings throughout a building.

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