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Financial Alternatives

When acquiring furniture many companies only consider traditional financing methods such as working capital or an existing line of credit. Steelcase Financial Services offers flexible financing so you can create an inspiring workplace while conserving capital, preserving bank lines and reducing tax liabilities.

Steelcase Financial Services is dedicated to the workplace as the commercial furniture industry’s only captive, finance company. Steelcase Financial Services will work directly with you on options to own the furniture, architectural and technology products for your environment or to use the products now and decide later whether you want to purchase or return them. To make it easier, monthly payment can include both products and services from NBS such as design, system engineering, delivery and installation.

NBS Steelcase Financial Services

Why Use Steelcase Financial Services?

 Get the Right Work Environment
Don’t settle for less — get what you want and need now instead of being restrained by budget.

 Conserve Capital
Instead of tying up cash in a capital equipment purchase, Steelcase Financial allows you to pay for purchases with low monthly payments.

 Balance Sheet Management
Choose solutions to better manage your balance sheet and improve ROE and ROA ratios.

 Tax Benefits
Some options allow monthly payments to be treated as operating expenses and are usually fully tax deductible.

For more information contact your NBS representative or visit Steelcase Financial Services.

There is a $5,000 minimum order and Steelcase Financial Services’ standard underwriting criteria apply.