NBS Showroom, Clawson

Connect and Collaborate. A Context for Success.

There’s a lot to admire about a startup culture… the passion, the personality, the “anything-is-possible” thinking. Can those same qualities be cultivated anywhere? The renovated NBS Showroom in Clawson demonstrates the ability to apply that same energy and excitement to an established organization.

As a showroom and workplace, we share some of the same challenges our clients face. Everyone wants an environment where people are passionate and engaged. At the same time, every organization has a budget. Startups with limited resources typically give their team the autonomy to use a space however best suits their needs and mood. The atmosphere is more sociable and collaborative. Flexible space that ramps up engagement is a concept that works everywhere.

In Clawson, our shared and open workspaces do more than promote teamwork and spontaneous collaboration. Replacing large, high-paneled workstations with hoteling and benching areas helped to accommodate more people. According to Construction Solutions Architect, John Gabriel, “At first, moving away from assigned stations was difficult to embrace, but now having the ability to work together and have effective meetings anywhere really makes the facility work for us.”

A number of custom features contribute to the culture while aligning the space with the NBS brand. Natural wood, bold colors and a variety of textures create a more personalized environment. Now the vibe is decidedly startup where comfort and productivity go hand-in-hand.

Workplaces designed to connect and inspire people can unleash creative thinking. Unique, authentic environments can also fuel a boom in productivity. The NBS Clawson Showroom embodies that spirit. To create your own personalized work environment, contact your NBS representative today.


This project showcases the power of NBS AFT integration (Architecture, Furniture and Technology). We believe that when these three disciplines are brought together early in the planning process, good things happen. Fewer errors occur, efficiency improves, and your stress goes down — because we handle EVERYTHING.

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