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New communication and AV technologies are fundamentally changing the way business gets done. The pace of change is relentless and staying current of the trends is imperative for organizations that want to compete effectively. To learn about some of the latest applications and advancements in the field check out these links and publications.



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  • HDMI Cable Quality Matters in Pro AV

    There’s a popular belief, widely tossed around on the Internet, that all HDMI cables are the same. If it is a residential solution, that might be true. But in a commercial environment, (corporations, classrooms, health systems), signal integrity and system reliability go hand-in-hand. Learn more about professional grade quality in this insightful article.

  • Steelcase 360 Article: Making Distance Disappear

    In today’s economic landscape organizations can’t allow distance to be a barrier to effective teams. As distributed teams become pervasive, the challenges they face become more evident.



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  • rAVe Publications

    rAVe Publications is an opinionated AV news organization that reports on the HomeAV, ProAV, Rental and Staging, Education and Digital Signage Industries.

  • Sound & Video Contractor

    Sound & Video Contractor provides solutions to real-life systems contracting and installation challenges. Founded in 1983, S&VC is the only magazine in the sound and video contracting industry that provides in-depth applications and business-related information covering the spectrum of the contracting industry: commercial sound, security, home theater, automation, control systems and video presentation.

  • is the definitive publication for decision makers of A/V, IT, energy and security integration within corporate facilities.



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