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Hospitals and healthcare facilities are dealing with change on many fronts and at a faster rate than ever before. Here are some valuable resources to help you stay current with trends in care delivery, technology, space planning, design and other areas that challenge all those involved in making healthcare environments more effective and compassionate places.



Essays, research, studies, white papers and more from industry leaders, manufacturers, scholars, best-selling authors and others who offer their unique take on a wide range of workplace issues.

  • Steelcase 360 Article: Putting Healthcare in a Better Place

    In hospitals all over the world, workarounds are multiplying while staffs are more challenged than ever to provide care in facilities that don’t adequately support them or their work.

  • Steelcase 360 Article: Healthcare, Making Every Moment Meaningful

    The healthcare industry is in radical transition. Rising costs and unacceptably poor outcomes are causing healthcare leaders to shift from an illness-based system to a wellness-driven model. New technologies, new processes and higher expectations of both patients and practitioners is challenging healthcare norms to adapt and improve. The need for radical innovation has never been more critical.

  • Steelcase 360: The Healthcare Edition

    This Healthcare Edition of 360 is a compilation of 360 stories that explore these insights and demonstrate how space can be used to humanize the health experience in waiting rooms, exam rooms, patient rooms, clinician spaces and infusion therapy environments to create places that deliver greater connection, empathy and wellbeing for everyone involved.



News and thought-provoking views from notable industry publications and observers. Often inspiring, sometimes entertaining, and certainly helpful for following trends in the industry.

  • Healthcare Design

    Healthcare Design magazine highlights architecture and interior design trends for healthcare facilities and the impact of design on the healthcare experience.

  • Environments for Aging

    Environments for Aging publications deliver content from supporting partners and cover current obstacles and
    solutions in the design of senior environments, how to implement cost-effective design solutions, the future of senior living, and other trends.



Informative and social, blogs are a growing marketplace of ideas. Here are some of our favorites from journalists, media outlets, trade organizations, advocacy groups and others.

  • TEDMED Blog

    TEDMED is the independently owned and operated health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED conference, dedicated to “ideas worth spreading.” The TEDMED Blog shares interesting news specifically about the medical and healthcare industry.

  • Steelcase Health Blog

    Steelcase Health helps you stay up-to-date with a myriad of articles on health care, patient centered care, and healthcare furniture design.



Hands-on tools for architects, designers and anyone involved in workspace planning to help with developing or conveying design intent, space allocation and layout, and more.