The workplace may change, but it still matters

Research shows that almost 90% of workers want to work in an office again.* How do organizations bring people back safely, while creating compelling work environments that support both the needs of employees and organizations?

We created this guide to provide a variety of ideas and considerations from our in-house architectural, furniture, cleaning and technology divisions to support your return to space approach.

Thought-starters include:

  • maximizing employee wellbeing
  • defining safety protocols (view NBS’s policies here)
  • addressing design and spatial needs
  • setting work-from-home expectations
  • enhance cleaning
  • leverage technology

*Cushman and Wakefield which surveyed 40,000 people globally reports under 10% will work from home fulltime.

Return to your space

Your return to space will be uniquely defined to your organizational needs, culture, and comfort. We are here to help you navigate this uncharted territory and get back to the spaces, people and resources we have missed.

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