Integrated Services

At NBS, our goal is to address a client’s objectives, develop a plan, adhere to budgets and schedules, and bring a project to a successful completion. To make this possible, we provide a range of integrated services. Learn more about these services below.


Our design process includes programming, sketching and creating high-level drawings and floorplans to help clients visualize the space. We then determine circulation paths and how the building will function in conjunction with the furniture and other building components.

Strategic Facility Planning

Our planning regimen helps facility or operations managers balance functional needs with their facilities. This audit can help maximize the value of a space by determining ways to improve utilization, productivity, and communication among colleagues.


We would be happy to serve as your representative and provide an objective appraisal of your project. We anticipate and avoid problems, address environmental and safety concerns, and keep the project focused.


We can plan, manage, and coordinate the relocation of machinery, equipment, furniture, phone, and data systems. We are experienced in the logistical complexities of a major move and will provide the necessary personnel to ensure a smooth transition.