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Steelcase Financial Services

As companies navigate decisions about investing in new products for their workplace, they also need to determine how much they’re willing to spend and how to pay for it. When purchasing furniture, many companies only consider traditional financing methods such as working capital or an existing line of credit. However, with the help of our partner Steelcase and their financial services, we can work together to provide both furniture solutions and financial solutions to meet your needs and get the workplace you want with the budget you have. Their flexible financing can help you conserve capital, preserve bank lines and overcome budget constraints.

Steelcase Financial Services is dedicated to the workplace as the commercial furniture industry’s only captive finance company. They offer flexibility; whether you ultimately want to own the furniture, architectural and technology products you choose for your space, or you prefer to use the products for a period of time and decide later whether to purchase or return them. They also offer ease, as your monthly payment can include NBS services such as design, system engineering, delivery and installation, in addition to products.

Benefits of Steelcase Financial Services

Get the right work environment

Don’t allow a limited capital budget to stop you from acquiring the products you need in your space. Lease termination options can also allow for a more frequent refresh.

Additional source of capital

Preserve your cash with an alternative financial solution including flexible payment and end-of-term options.

Manage your project acquisitions

If your project is phased or you have a need for additional solutions, it’s easy to add on to your Steelcase Financial Services Master Lease.

Fixed payments for budgeting

Your payment remains the same throughout the term allowing for better cash flow budgeting.

Now, more than ever, companies are giving serious consideration to their current financial position and fluctuating market conditions when deciding whether they should move forward with a project. However, there’s no reason to restrict or delay creating a great environment for your team when you can take advantage of alternative financial solutions through Steelcase Financial Services!

For more information, contact your NBS representative or visit Steelcase Financial Services.

There is a $5,000 minimum order and Steelcase Financial Services’ standard underwriting criteria apply.